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You Must Be Living; a poem

I am convinced that you are dying

That there is no way you can be living

Maybe call it denying the strength

Call it a lack of faith in you to learn to grip life

but I am convinced that you are dying

I saw your shattered pieces that you made into a Hansel and Gretel  trail

to help you find your way home

and I saw them sweep it away.

They picked up all your hurt to hide it from themselves

But like the birds eating those breadcrumbs; they are just trying to survive.

But you didn’t need that home.

Or the sweet one either.

The stars are too beautiful to miss anyways.

You couldn’t possibly be living

with all those blood stains, could you?

From you and all the people who cut themselves on your shards.

How we tried to mosaic you into a church window

But we couldn’t quite fit the pieces together right

I guess we were missing something

I talked to you on the phone yesterday

We talked about money and how you were going to pay rent

And you told me about your future.

You didn’t know what you were doing with it.

But you said something about missing someone

and how you laughed at work today and I just thought that

You must be living



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