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Dragonfly In Amber (#2 book in The Outlander series) by Diana Gabaldon; a book discussion.

I said before in my previous discussion of this book that it was the “bad ass of a book gang”(Outlander ( book #1 By Diana Gabaldon Outlander series); book review.) This one was a lot different in that regard. This one isn’t for after long days and you just want to relax. This book is for more of the periods of time where you feel gaping holes in your life. Maybe after a break-up when you aren’t quite ready to get out and mingle yet.

It does also demand your full attention.This isn’t a book for people looking for a bit of entertainment. This is a book that might reveal parts of your soul to yourself that you did not know about. Yes, it’s that kind of book.

I wouldn’t say it had excellent character development. I don’t think that they developed all the much, but the emotional depth of the characters was definitely admirable. They were very solid people. Not flat or generic, but full and original. I could always get lost in thought about Claire and Jamie and find myself forgetting that they were fictional people.

The plot did not move as smoothly as it should have and I found that there were many times where I could (and sometimes did) put down the book for a day and not give it another thought. When life gets busy, that means you won’t pick it back up for a while. That is something that is certainly not a good quality.

I really wished that the format of the book was a bit different. I wanted to see Brianna more as I learned more about Jamie. I wanted to see her reaction as she and I learned about her father and heritage.

But the ending- Whew- it had me freaking out. When I read it I ran into the room where my mom was and started jumping up and down squealing. Then with no context yelled “I can NOT believe that that just happened!!” I ran away to finished the last few pages after that.

Yes, it was that good.

Anyways, tell me what you thought of this book and if you agree/ disagree with me in the comments.



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