The Observation of the Sky and I; A short Essay.

I can see the clouds crowding together in the sky and a ball of excited makes a home in my gut. The storm is coming. That glorious thunder and minor chaos; it could make anyone feel like the calm one.
So when the storm rolls in, I gather myself into a comfy spot. Then I listen to the ancient and long known noise of thunder and watch for the jumpy lightning bounce around in the sky. And the skies darken into almost night and it makes me feel bright and new. There is something about the darkness that makes you notice the light that much more.
So when the storm finally lets loose on the land, I peer over my couch and out the window, and watch it closely.
It does a better job of losing itself then I do or ever could. Now I don’t need to. The skies have cried.It’s already let the ground consume it. So won’t let myself fall down now. Because I asked the storm to wash it away, and it did. So I watched each drop cause ripple upon ripple on the creek I used to live by; or the river I used to live by. It caused havoc with it’s wind;it caused children’s tears because of it’s ancient noise, but all I feel is the peace before,during, and after the storm. The trees leaned over from the wind and the rain but I stood tall in this storm. Feeling myself giggle at this tribulation. This calming trial.


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