Chronicals of a space man · short story

Chronicles of a Space Man; part six

There was photos of crops that were watered with blood. It streamed down the edges of fields and around limbs of men. It was a war that looked nothing like our planet’s wars. Ours were pristine and anesthetic; this was bloody and gruesome. We only saw loved ones tears back home. Not the bodies of loved ones displayed  across the ground as casualties. Woman and children gathered in churches with clutched crosses in their hands and on their back.  Then the screen went black.

“So,” Sharon said,” We got to find this other Earth somehow…” Oz hit the panel hard enough to shake it.

“What the hell, Oz!” I yelled.

“What?! What is right?!What in everlasting hell is fucking going on is absolutely right!?” Oz replied.

“Why are you getting so angry?” Sharon asked him.

Why aren’t you angry?” Oz replied,” They screwed us Sharon. And- and they knew they were. They knew what they were doing. They sent us out here to Die.”  Sharon took a step back and interlocked her own fingers. She brought her hands to her lips and closed her eyes as a single tear trickled down off her cheek.

“My boy,” she whispered,” What did they say to my boy.” Oz let his shoulders drop and loosed his posture enough to walk over to Sharon and out his arm around her. Sharon’s torso shook in a silent sob.  I wanted to cry. I didn’t cry. It was Sharon’s turn to grieve, and grieve she will.

Oz let go of Sharon and walked back to the control panel. Sharon sat down into a ball and her cries grew louder and louder into wails. She had to live knowing her son is alive but never knowing what is happening to him ,  or her him.

Oz went back to work at clicking away. I picked through papers that I could find for writing that I could understand. I did come across a passage that was clearly written from a computer

“From my observations, I have concluded that species on the Sister Earth are startlingly similar ; some might say that we are one and the same even though our environments that we live in have some important differences but each of our ( Sister Earth inhabitants and Earth’s inhabitants) behavior are incompatible with one another.”

All the green letters turned red and flashed with anger. Oz jumped and rubbed his fingers on his sides. I saw some blood staining the tips of his fingers.”It bit me,” Oz said.

“What bit you?” I asked.

“I’m not sure,” Oz replied. The ship starting shaking.

“What the hell,” Sharon said as she brought her tear stained face from her knees. Oz pushed a button on the control panel again but something pricked his hand once more.

“Do you think …do you think that the keyboard itself is pricking you?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Oz replied as he hit another button and again pulled his hand back in pain. “Ye-yep I think that’s it.” I looked closer at the screens trying to see what Oz sees when he is punching buttons. I could hear Oz to the left of me take three deep breaths and start hitting buttons again.

“Doesn’t that hurt or something?!?!” I asked. Oz just nodded his head with his eyebrows pinched together, but then something happened. Something grand happened. All but one screen turned off. The one still on was tiny and on it, it read…

Course for Sister Earth; set.”






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