Chronicals of a space man · short story

Chronicles of a Space Man; Part Five

“What the hell was that!?” Sharon coughed. Oz Leaned down beside her as, what looked like a metallic hand, dropped something and retreated back under the control panel. He picked it up. It had little, shiny lines of green tint on it. Sharon wiped the rest of the blood off of her face as another object shot out of the panel. She flinched as it missed her. It was a smooth plastic object with a small slit in the middle of it. I leaned down and grabbed the object but it jerked away from me and headed straight for Oz. He closed his eyes, expecting impact, but the object stopped right before hitting Oz in the face. It lowered to his hands. He raised one hand and the object raised with it. Oz opened his fists and revealed the greenish chip. The plastic object attacked the chip and gulped in down through the small whole on it.

“Hey, give that back!” Oz shouted at it, but it was to late. The chip was gone and all the monitors lit up. There was flashing images of people with big smiles and…us. And those other people smiling look very familiar. Then all the screens switched to the same picture. It was earth. Well, it looked exactly like earth except the ocean had a purple tinge to it and the land seemed more dark blue than grass green but everything else was just right. Under the image of the just off colored earth were the words “Earth II”

I walked up to the screens but they switched to different pictures of families and people. Every screen had a different face or faces on it. I heard Sharon gasp behind me, then I realized why. I saw my mom’s and sister’s faces on those monitors. I saw Sharon staring at a little boy with a brown helmet of hair.

“What’s wrong?” Oz asked Sharon. She didn’t even glance at him. She just reached up and touched the little boy’s face. Her face crinkled up and tears started pouring out of her eyes.

“What’s wrong,Sharon?” I asked. I saw a bit of water drip off of my nose. When I touched my own face;it was soaking wet.

Then all the screens went dark. Next, everything went black. The lights went out and the darkness outside of the ship is unbearable. Being in absolute darkness makes me want to explode and scream at the  same time.

The screens lit up first. Then one by one the lights turned back on.  The monitors had green little 1’s and 0’s on them. They were moving fast off and on the screen like as if they were on a conveyor belt. Oz jumped into action. He started hitting buttons.

“What are you doing?!” Sharon exclaimed jumping up. She tugged his shoulder down but he didn’t budge.

“I know this,” Oz said as he punched the buttons rapidly,”this is just coding. Super easy coding at that. Whoever set this up did it so that it would be that way.” Sharon let go of his arm and looked over his shoulder.

“Where did you learn this stuff?” Sharon asked him. Oz glanced over his shoulder at her.

“It’s complicated,” he said with a wide grin. Then the numbers disappeared from the screen and images flashed on the monitors. Most of the images were just of farmland. It was acres and acres of tilled fields and trees. Random markings on paper and three wooden T’s.

“What is this stuff?” Sharon asked,” Can you make it slow down?”

“Yeah,” Oz replied hitting more keys.

“That’s writing,” I said as I went up and touched the screen when the markings on paper came back up. I left a oily fingerprint over top of a letter that vaguely looked like the letter ‘g’. The pieces of upturned wood wasn’t a letter; it was a cross. Three crosses. I dug into my early days of Sunday school to remember the thieves that they hung Jesus with. “Do they have…religion there?” I asked aloud.

‘I don’t know. Maybe,” Oz replied with his eyes firmly glued to the screen.  More images of chapels and houses. There were banks and government buildings. But there was something else. Something I thought, for  second, we wouldn’t have here.

There was war.


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