Chronicals of a space man · short story

Chronicles of a Space Man; Part Four.

I pushed her hands down to her sides but she didn’t step back. Oz stepped forward and put his hand on Sharon shoulder.It was silent. God, I am so tired of the silence.

“God damn it Sharon, do you really think I would lie about that. What the hell!” I yelled. She still didn’t step back but her face grew white. I put my hand on her shoulder and pushed her. ” You don’t have to be in my face!” This time Sharon took some steps back.

“What do you mean we’ll live?” Sharon asked me.

“Look at this,” I said as took the papers off the near by table and shoved them at her. She took them from my hands but wouldn’t look away from my face.”Look at it Sharon.”She look down at the crumpled pages.

I was born twenty-eight years, one hour, twenty-nine days, and fifty-two minutes.

“How do we know this isn’t a joke?” Sharon asked. My shoulders felt like someone had dropped a pile of rocks on them.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“Well what about the other ones?” Oz asked picked some up,” Like what do they even mean.” He rotated the papers in his hands while squinting his eyes very hard at the rows of numbers.

“I don’t know,” I said…again.

“Well, who left these for us?” Sharon asked picking up some other papers. I picked up some too. They had to be more notes or something. Whoever left them for us would have gave us something to decipher them, right?

I found a little scribbled note in the corner of one number lined papers.It read “Control Panel.” I thrust it at Sharon. “Look at this.” She took it from hands and took a quick glance before walking to the part of the ship where there were about a thousand colorful buttons. Sharon brushed her figure over a couple controls but she was careful not to push any of them.

“This looks like the place to start,” Sharon said and put the paper in the middle of the buttons that made a circle. We stood and stared at the panel.

I was born twenty- eight years, two hours, twenty-nine days, and one minute ago.

Oz bent down and looked under the control panel. “What are you doing?” Sharon asked.

“I just thought-” Oz hit his head trying to stand up while under the control Panel,”Ouch.” He rubbed the back of his head but stopped when her heard a  whurring sound. “What the heck…” he said while standing up straight.

I looked around. The sound seemed to be coming from under the panel in the exact spot that Oz hit his head. “Oh God, Oz you broke something didn’t you?!” I yelled as I back away from it. Sharon stuck her head under to get a better look. Then something jutted out and hit her smack in the middle of the nose. Sharon fell back and tried to catch the blood running off her face.



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