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Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund by Blaize Clement( book 2 in the Dixie Hemingway Mystery); a book review.

This book had the same problem as the last one. It. Was. Way. Too. Predictable. The writing is beautiful and invoked empathy and emotion, but the plot was lacking.Although, I have to admit that this book was better than the last and it was less predicable than the last.

But back to the writing. It was gorgeous. I love how Blaize Clement articulate things. There is something so simply blunt about it.

The world spun, and I spun with it.- Dixie Hemingway

Do you see what I mean? Brilliance. Pure Brilliance.

Okay here comes some spoilery parts so stop reading right now if you haven’t read this book and come back when you have.

For those of you who are still here, let’s continue.

Dixie is started to fall for our at least have a reasonably strong attraction to two men. God, I am starting to hate love triangles. I am trying to have hope that Blaize Clement will not make it too cheesey.And I guess that maybe it is normal for someone like Dixie to be attracted (possibly falling in love with) to two men at a time considering her hard past.

It might because of her inability to love or even remotely lust after someone since the death of her daughter and husband. Now she is just starting to break out of her grief and move on. Or it could be something else.

Everyone is unreasonably attractive- Dixie Hemingway

Back to her breaking through her grief. I said before in my review for the first book in this series (Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter (book 1 in the Dixie Hemingway Mysteries) by Blaize Clement;a book review.) that not a lot of emotional development happened in this book,because her husband and daughter dying was apart of her back story. But I think I was wrong.

I know. It’s hard to believe, right?  Even though a majority of Dixie’s soul crushing tragedies happened in her back story and not in the actual books, that wasn’t the emotional development.

In the books I have read in this series so far, Dixie is learning to let go of her grief. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

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