Chronicals of a space man · short story

Chronicles of a Space Man; Part Three

I clutched the paper in my fingers until I tore the edges away.You will not die. Loosening my grip on the note I began to read the rest of the page.

“There is an automatic air filter on your ship. You will not die from the lack of oxygen; at least not for a while. More food is behind the wall in the pantry. I couldn’t write this on the computer because they would see me betraying them. ”

The writing was barely readable. All of the words seemed to bleed together. Whoever wrote this must have rushed.

“They have betrayed you. They couldn’t have imagined how far someone could get out in space or the effects it would have on a person. Possible suicide was considered but that was a risk they were more than willing to take.”

Suicide. They thought we could kill ourselves? I couldn’t. No, I could have.I might have. I am going to me sick.

“You three are a science experiment. “

My lungs felt like they got caught in an engine. I can’t breath right. Air comes in my lungs but won’t come out and I’m shaking so much that the table started rattling with me. I rush to the trash bin a few feet away and threw up snot and saliva.It really was a dreadful feeling for knowing you had a chance at not dying; that you had a chance at living.

I stagger back to the table and leaned on it to steady my hands. I have to read the rest of the note.

” I can’t take you back to earth, but I can guide you to planets like it. There are other earths and humans out there; that I know  that for sure.”

I won’t go home. But I want to go home. I stood up so fast that the chair I had eventually sat down in got tossed backwards. “Bastards,” I breathed. My knees are knocking each other and my cheeks and lips are damp with salty water. They were tears. I had forgotten about tears. In fact, this was the most I had felt in days; weeks even. This couldn’t be true. It has to be lying. We were going die. I continued reading

“By the time you read this I would have already told your family’s that you were dead. That is better for them, because you won’t be coming back. It will be easier for them to believe you are are dead. 

You must override the system and I will show you. Turn the page.”

I flipped the page over and blurred some of the letters with the ridiculous amount of water rolling of my cheeks. The paper smelled so good. It smelled like earth; it smelled like my home. It smelled like my mother’s endless collection of books.

I let sobs rock through me. My crying was so violent that my whole torso ached in protest. I could hear the others quick foots steps coming towards me.

I was born twenty- eight years, one hour, twenty- nine day, and two minutes ago and I would never see my family again.

Sharon was the first one in the room but Oz was right behinds her. “What’s wrong?” she asked kneeling to hold me. I had sunk to the floor without even knowing it.I looked straight at her; straight into her hazel-green eyes.

“We will live,” I said.

She jerk me up and grabbed me by my collar. It was so quick that I was dizzy. Sharon pulled me so close our noses were touching.”That isn’t something to mess about,” She snarled.





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