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Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter (book 1 in the Dixie Hemingway Mysteries) by Blaize Clement;a book review.

Alright ,first I must criticize this mystery novel as a mystery novel. Though it was excellent, it was also very predictable. It was so predictable that when I had originally guessed the ending, I thought that it couldn’t be because it was just too obvious. It was just so disappointing that I didn’t have that “I should have seen that coming” moment.

The main character (Dixie) is a pet sitter with a difficult past. Now, when she is dragged in to the murder of one of her clients she is forced to face her shortcomings and become a witness.

I LOVED so many parts of this book.The story dragged me in and because I audio booked it, I just wanted to do my laundry to have a reason to listen to it

“She cried defiantly; like her tears were an accusation.”

I remember feeling that way before. I remember crying that way before. When you have been strong for too long. So when I read (listened) to this part, it really touched me. I think that it was just a great use of words.

Dixie’s emotional development was incredible. This development wasn’t shown in the book. What I mean is that,she was already an emotionally mature character. I am giving praise because it is hard to make a character that doesn’t do it’s development in the book and the reader still connect with them. And I sure connected with her.

“There is nothing more paralyzing than unexpressed rage.

Oh do I feel this one. Don’t you? I feel it in my bones; to my core. I couldn’t describe it better.

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