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Outlander ( book #1 By Diana Gabaldon Outlander series); book review.

Let me just warn you; this book is not a book for people with weak stomachs. This book would be the bad ass of a book gang.

Before you read further, be aware that there is massive spoilers in this review. There will even be direct quotes.

Alright you are still here so let’s get into it. The beginning was very difficult to get into, but it was just so hard to end it. I have read only a handful of adult books but this one was by far the best one.

The main character is Claire, who was sent back in time, faced great danger, and fell in love all over again. Now is that love in jeopardy? I don’t know. I’ll have to read the next book.

The story was interesting and it captured me but what really got me was the perception that Claire had; especially when it came to life and death.

Seen without the sadness of surprise, there was nothing frightening about a dead man; there never was. No matter how ugly the manner in which a man dies , it’s only presence of a suffering human soul that is horrifying; once gone, what’s left is only an object.”

Oh, I have chills.

There was some issues that I was not okay with. Like Jamie hitting her and all the times that Claire hit (or tried to) beat Jamie.I really can’t get past that part.

Nonetheless, Outlander demands your silence and your full and absolute attention.Something that was described perfectly in Outlander was the fear for someone you truly love.

“Past a certain point, you lose all fear if injury. Life becomes very simple at that point: you will do what you are trying to do, or die in the attempt, and it does not really matter which.”

I couldn’t describe it better.

Now that I have been all serious about the book I want to take a moment to appreciate the humor; especially when that humor is a little bit dirty.

“If I were a horse, I’d let him ride me anywhere,” Claire thought after Jamie comforted her but realized the undertone of her thought.

Do not ask me why I laughed so hard at this because I will not have an answer for you. This was probably the author humor and not character humor.

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