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Shakespeare’s Counselor( Lily Bard book #5) a book review.

This is the final book in the Lily Bard series and this is the final book review for the Lily Bard series.

I think this book was my favorite out of all of them, however I have some criticism for the entire series.

First of all, there was things that happened in the first book that wasn’t really answered in any of the books. When Lily’s past had been exposed there was harassment issues, but when the issues stopped no one talked about it anymore through out any of the books.Who was doing the harassing? Maybe I missed something. If you read it and I did miss something, than tell me in the comments.

Anyway, let’s get on with the good stuff ( if you haven’t read this book than beware of the spoilers that are up ahead). I loved this book. Honestly, the mystery was of it was so enticing. Mystery novels usually make me feel one of three ways; frustrated (in a bad way), nothing at all, or dizzy with anticipation and I sure was looking forward to finding the culprit in this book.

Something that was not a mystery was Lily’s pregnancy. It was so obvious to me and I’m sure many other readers. Her miscarriage did blindside me, and I couldn’t understand why Charlaine Harris put this in the book because there it wasn’t really needed.

Despite that some of my series long questions went unanswered, I did finish this book with a feeling of finality. This series was definitely worth it.

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