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The Battle of The Labyrinth (4th book in the Percy Jackson series); book review

I have made it clear that I have been loving this series, and this book was no exception.

I did notice that the series is taking a more mature feel, and just in time for the last book. With ‘Labyrinth’ in the title I had expected this book to be a bit more mysterious, alas is was just as mysterious as the previous books. The Labyrinth wasn’t a very convincing Labyrinth because it seemed that Percy and his gang got in and out of there pretty easily.

And Annabeth. Oh Annabeth. If you read the book than you know that Annabeth is still hooked on Luke. It’s understandable and not surprising but super frustrating. I just shake the book and say”No you stupid head! Luke= Bad! He has tried to kill your friends several times!” But no, the imaginary character NEVER listens to the screaming reader.

Anyway, onto a less frustrating character; Nico is a neat person and I feel a connection and an anticipation to read about more. I want a little Nico action figure to put on my desk.

I don’t fell like Thalia has had much to offer to the plot of this book. She helped Percy in the last book and seems to have left, but we’ll have to see in the final book.

Now I haven’t talked about Percy much, but that’s because everything that I have said in my previous book reviews of The Percy Jackson series is the same things I would say now. And there is no need to be repetitive.

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