Ramblers Digest.

Rambler’s Digest #9 ; The Evolution Of Words.

Have you ever wondered why older novels are harder to read? Or have you ever had to read a classic for literature class and struggled with it? You probably have and you probably have already come to the conclusion that the normal dialog in older novels are much different from how we talk now and that’s why they are harder to read.

The thing is, it’s not usually the words the change it’s our perception of them. Odor, scent, and smell all have the same meaning, but if you told a girl that she had a nice odor it wouldn’t go over as well as telling her she has a nice scent, even though it means the exact same thing.

Even though words don’t usually change, there are, if you will, sequels to these words. For example:pic and picture. The word “pic” is used in our language a lot. I have noticed that people rarely say the full word “picture” anymore (I tend to say photo because I detest these new adaption for regular speech).

What I am getting at is that you should remember this for writing characters, acting, or producing. Everyone talks differently. I like to compare it to ecology. Everything effects everything. Your voice and words are a sign of who you are and who you have been.

Thank you for Reading! If you have any thoughts please comment!


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