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Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll; book review.

I felt like Lewis Carroll wanted to fit as much puns in here as possible. I thought that Alice in Wonderland was entertaining to my inner child. The randomness was refreshing but repetitive and tiring at the same time.

I did learn to be wary of rabbit holes and to never trust sane people, which is not to shabby of a lesson.

The beginning of Alice in Wonderland seemed to be getting off to a great start with it’s enticing beginning chapters, but I could help but feel like Lewis Carroll got bored and rushed some non-sense on the page. I couldn’t really grasp much to write about.

The reason the ending was so… annoying was because there was just such a lack of resolution and explanation. It was so exhausting keeping up with it, and then to not understand it was irritating.

Thank you for reading! Comment what you think!


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