Books, books, and more books.

Shakespeare’s Trollop By Charlaine Harris: Lily Bard series book #4; book review.

This one was almost as good as the last one, but it has a faint air of trying to hard. I felt like they were trying to make it so memorable and life changing that it wasn’t. The story line was great, and the characters were realistic but it feels like the author just wanted to make a story something it wasn’t. There was one part that was beautiful. It says,”But it was not her weakness that had caused her death; it was one of her strengths that killed her.” It was a great, and I will probably quote it , but I don’t know how it related to the story. I didn’t think it was her strength that killed her, but read it and tell me what you think.

The things is, even though I have spent the Most of the review criticizing it ,I enjoy it for the most part. I still recommend the series, and encourage anyone who has read it to comment what you think. Also like and follow! Thank you!


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