Ramblers Digest.

Rambler’s Digest #8; Mars

I have just been BURSTING to tell you why Mars cannot sustain life. That’s right, no Martians. Unless, of course, they have drastically different standards for living or/and we change our terms for what makes a living thing a living thing.

No earthly living thing could live there because Mars is just too small. It’s not because it wouldn’t fit us all, even though that might be true, it’s because it can’t hold  a livable atmosphere. It has a mass that is to low for a gravitational hold on an atmosphere that would be able to be heated by the sun.

Also, there is no magnetic field, so the solar winds come in direct contact with the atmosphere. This means more and more of Mars is being lost in space. This could mean an ever decreasing size of the planet, but it builds us it’s atmosphere as quickly as it loses it. This constant change would most likely put a strain on a living being, but don’t take my word for it. Thank you for reading, I have just been dying to tell you about it. Like and Follow!!

P.S  Let me know if there is any misinformation in this post so I can look into it. Thank you!


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