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Robert Frost: Poet’s Paper#1

Robert Frost was a very interesting man with a nomadic nature, but before we get into that let’s start in the beginning…

Robert Frost was home schooled, but not because his mother believed that the better way or that he had a special condition(none that I know of) but simply because he didn’t like it. So, he refused to go. His mother eventually gave up and home schooled him. This probably helped his learn to love and write literature.

There were a lot of parental issues, and his father and mother were always at odd because of his father’s temper. His mother was very devout to her faith which helped her through a lot of  tough especially when Robert’s father William Frost passed away leaving his mother Isabelle Moodie a single mother of two.

Alright fast forward- He is married, has kids and is teaching. His wife (Elinor Frost) gave up everything  for him to be a poet,however when he gets to stressed with work (teaching) he starts to get severe cramps, and writing poetry is extremely essential to him that it is almost like food and water.

I think that is why his poetry is great; because it demanded greatness from every part of him and he suffered for it. His daughter Marjorie died at child birth, his son Carol Frost committed suicide, and when his wife died at the age 65 he found himself lonely with only his poetry with his other children all over the world.

Another thing that ,I believe, contributed to his work was his stomach pains. Well, not specifically his stomach pains but that his mind, emotions, and body were all intertwined.  I said before that he had cramps when he got stressed and his poems are just so in depth with everything that I thought that that may have something to do with it.

I feel he just gets it, you know. One of my favorite lines were”You’re searching ,Joe, for things that don’t exist; I mean beginnings-there are no such things. There are only middles

Thank you for reading and let me know in the comments if I got any information wrong. Like and follow. My Instagram is girliesttomboyeva and my Google+ is Isabelle Denka.


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