Ramblers Digest.

Rambler’s Digest #7; Coffee shops started it all.

Do you know the beginning of coffee shops? What about hair salons? If you don’t, well let me tell you.

They were created to exchange ideas during the enlightenment era. Women would cook and prepare for it, just so they could hear and learn. When I learned about this my first impression was that we should do that more often. Whatever happened to it? It sounds wonderful!

Whatever happened to the will and desire to learn? To find answers? Where are the people who have a hunger for knowledge is never satisfied?

It took me awhile to realize my error. It was a stupid and obvious error because the answer to those questions I was asking is so ingrained in everyday life that I didn’t even realize it was an answer. It’s the internet. This world wide web has become our new coffee shop and hair salons through social media and other things. I don’t think that our desire to learn and know have been lost; we have just found different ways for acquiring  knowledge. This very blog post has given you some knowledge, and the blogs I read of other bloggers have done the same.

Thank you for reading!



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