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Macbeth by Shakespeare; book discussion

Okay, I understand now why people don’t like reading Shakespeare; it’s so hard! I have read the other Shakespeare play Julius Caesar which wasn’t terrible, but this one was pretty bad.  I haven’t really read a lot of Shakespeare but I seriously disliked this one.

Hold your criticism! I just had a hard time reading it which made it difficult for me to enjoy the story. Maybe I will read it again later and like it better. The main character is Macbeth (as the title shows) is good in the beginning but, with the help of his wife, turns into a bitter and selfish being in the end.

So I have an idea of what the whole lesson or point of this play is; don’t compromise your morals.

For Macbeth that was what started it all. One thing sent him on the road to destruction. One murder led to another and another until eventually it led to his.

So maybe Shakespeare was warning us about the perils of peer pressure and greed, or it could mean something totally different. Let me know in the comments what you think. If you like what you’ve read then like and follow. Also go follow me on Instagram @girliesttomboyeva and on google plus at Isabelle Denka.



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