Ramblers Digest.

Ramblers Digest#6; Stars.

A light year is how fast light travels a year. Light minute is the same way. In fact, and I may be a little off but, the sun is about four light minutes away. So the light that you see on earth from the sun is light from four minutes ago. As a poet I couldn’t help but see the metaphor in this.

Imagine this: The first time you are truly heart broken or when life gets really tough you get a star. The thing is it’s light takes years to get to you. So you sit and wonder where is your saving grace? Your happily ever after?

In this you probably see other people’s stars and mistake it for your own. Soon you realize that that star is just too bright or not bright enough or just off a few inches. Then you despair with all the negative thoughts the darkness permits.

Listen! The light is traveling at top speed to find you. It is going as fast as it can. You have to be patient. Even if you aren’t patient, if you want it, it will find you.

This will not be the end of hardships, this is light. It is just enlightening, but hey, knowing is half the battle.

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