Ramblers Digest.

Ramblers Digest#5; The Cousins War: Who was in the right?

This Rambler’s Digest is inspired by book Blood Sisters; The Women Behind the War of Roses by Sarah Gristwood.

I will only summarize the Cousin’s War to the best of my ability, but I am not writing this to teach you history; I am writing this so you can think.

The removed royal family the Yorks think that the king Henry VI of Lancaster was unfit to rule. There was signs of mental incapability that may have been genetic. That family did eventually usurp  King Henry VI and Edward IV of York took the throne and married Elizabeth Woodville.

Years later they had many children and Edward passed away. When he did, his brother Richard became regent and allegedly killed Edward’s two legitimate heirs. Later on Richard even said that Elizabeth and Edwards marriage was not legitimate because of so-called previous marriage. After Richard  went into a battle against Henry Tudor in all his valor, which made him easy to spot and identify. Richard was killed and Henry Tudor came to the throne and married Edward IV of York’s eldest daughter Elizabeth.

I learned all this but I still didn’t have an answer. Who was in the right? If the Yorks had not usurped Henry VI than the mental illness would continue to run through the ruling family of England. England would be invaded by other countries due to this weakness. On the other hand they took the power for themselves because otherwise a queen would have to rule, so they had their own reasons to take the crown.Those reason weren’t the most selfless.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. Like is this made you think or if it didn’t 😀 !!! Thank you for reading and don’t forget to smile!!!


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