Will you allow me to forgive you?; A poem

If I preach to you, will you read that Good Book?

If I teach you  my prayers, will you recite them in time where the whole world intends  you harm?

If I teach you about repentance,will you allow me to forgive you?

If I show you forgiveness, will you repent?

Still, Still I will let you crumble first. Give you the impression of steady hands before I fall to pieces even though you won’t listen when I tell you the days of milk and honey are only and hallelujah away.

If I show you scars, will you believe you’re not alone?

If I show you stars, will you see that we were crafted so perfectly out of them that it is waste of time to think otherwise.

If I show you burning bush, let it speak prophecies to you, will you tell that Pharaoh to release you or expect the wrath of God on his head and his everything.

Demand to be free because somewhere someone needs you to be.


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