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Shakespeare landlord; book 1 of the Lily Bard series by Charlaine Harris: book review.

This book is short and bitter, but in a good way. The only other book that I have read of Charlaine Harris was the A Secret Rage but one thing that really bugged me in that book was that the issue of racism was brought up and acknowledged but it wasn’t taking it any farther than that.

This book however acknowledges the wrongness of it. I am currently reading the second book in this series which seems to be touching up on it even more.

The female main chararter is interesting but slightly frustating. Honestly, she acts like she knows what she wants and needs but I don’t think she does. On the other side though, if I were her I probably would do the same thing, so how can I judge.

Overall I’d give this 76% out of 100%. It’s a good, quick, thought inducing read.

Thanks for reading! Comment if you have read this book! Like if you plan to!


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