Weightless Boy; A Poem

How proud your mother must be to have such a brave son.

Running on roofs and stealing girls hearts.

But one day you will fall.

Maybe from the height

or for the girl. But you will fall.

If it’s from the height than never fear because gravity has forgotten your name so long ago.

But if it’s for the girl than you should know that she doesn’t know what it is to run on roofs. In fact she will only know what it is to have marshland under her feat. Keep moving or sink.

Loose lips sink ships but heavy hearts drown.


You walk on clouds cause that’s what you are. You are weightless. You are a weightless boy.

So heed my warming weightless boy: if you dare love the girl

Then gravity will remember every syllable of your name and the ground will splinter your bones and the clouds will betray you.

Weightless boy if you choose to love you will no longer be weightless.



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