Rambler’s Digest#4; What does power do to people?

It has come to my attention that every time someone has a substantial amount of power they abuse it in one form or another, and\ or fail. This has also been driving me insane. We give someone the majority of power over something and they always end up screwing up, right?

The purpose of this series I am doing (Rambler’s Digest) is to introduce ideas and questions on topics so that those said ideas and questions and be discussed and thought over by others. So I thought I might purpose the idea that some of  the failures of our leaders weren’t exactly failures, not successes either, but a sort of gray area.

Of course there are mostly utter failures but I think we need to educate ourselves to be able to identify between the two.

We must also consider a common factor in the failure of some of our worldly leadership: they are all human. Maybe mankind isn’t suppose to hold a great power.

Comment what you think! I would love to here your thoughts and questions.


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