Books, books, and more books.

Titans Curse; Percy Jackson and the Olympians series: A book review.

Can we just have a moment of silence for the magnificence of this series so far. Titans Curse is the third book out of the five book series and I devoured it just like the previous books. It is middle grade but is definitely for all ages.

I really like Percy as a main character. He is in the perfect in between of hero and awkward teen. All the books in the series had me gasping and repeating “no” over and over again. Can we also acknowledge how sweet Percy is to his mother? If I was in his position I might have held some resentment for my mother, wouldn’t you? It’s still believable though.

Oh my I totally ship the possible couple in this book, I won’t say who for the sake not spoiling you but if you read it you know who I am talking about.Comment of you want a spoilery discussion! You should also read these books.


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