Be Buried in the Rain by Barbara Michaels; book review.

If you are looking for a simple in the waiting room book than pick this one up. I believe it’s a stand alone and so it won’t be a huge investment to get the whole story.

It didn’t really leave me with an emotional withdraw so there wasn’t a mourning period, which was good if you don’t want to be invested. It was a very casual read even though it had its fair share of suspense. Barbara Michael’s books have been a little bit disappointing.In the beginning it seemed to have such great potential but by the end the dialog was flat and the story was starting to get a little cheesy.

That beginning really did pull me in, so I’ll give it that. It was luring but just until I was to far in it to give up. In the end the conversations were just so overly dramatic and the wittiness had dissipated with the first sight of romantic affection but I won’t go into details to avoid spoilers.

I’d give this about three and a half stars. That seems reasonable doesn’t it? Let me know what you think in the comment. Let me know if you want a spoilery review!


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