Rambler’s Digest #2; Rant.

When something or everything is going to hell sometimes I hear someone say ” What can we do?”I just want to yell at them and say “Anything! Everything!”

I was reading a book about events that made the world the way it is today and it made me think about how easily people give up. It just makes me so angry. There are great and terrible people out there and they didn’t quit. People helped shaped this world and they have the audacity to doubt themselves.We all have our limits,but know them and know them well.

It is a shame to see some people in the state they are.I just want to say “Stop it! You can be strong! I’m here and strong so why can’t you!”

It’s not just giving up that gets me it’s giving in. I hate it when someone changes themselves for the worse because of somebody told them to.

Anyway that’s my rant so thanks for reading and comment what you think!


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