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The Black Rainbow by Barbara Michaels; a book review.

I honestly don’t know what to make of this book. I either hated the plot in general or am completely in love with it. I’m giving it a high ranking on Goodreads because the very¬† fact that it made just so much emotion course through me made it worth reading, or listening to in my case.

I liked how the book was set up. I tend to switch point of views in my own writing and believe that it keeps the narrative fresh, not to say that other novel set ups are inferior, I just enjoyed this one.

A downside was that I didn’t completely understand the characters as I feel I should have. This book is under the categories suspense¬† and mystery I didn’t like the mystery of certain characters. Other characters who had hidden parts of them were fine; it was even apart of their charm but I think Barbara Michaels went just a tad bit over board.

The characters, though excessively mysterious, were well developed. I did feel very satisfied with the ending. Most of the people received a happily ever after, and who can’t love that.

Comment what you think. I’ll be glad to read them!


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