Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand; a book discussion

When I think about World War II I think about the Holocaust so this book was a little different. That’s why I read though: to expand my horizons.

I can’t find words to describe my experience with Unbroken. Is there a word for traumatic and inspiring? If there is then that’s the word to describe this book.What really made my stomach drop was all the gory details and experiences were real. I knew this was a non-fiction book but I had seemed to forgotten it for the first half of it. Then I realized that sharks really did try to eat them.

It was inspiring because it really proved the human capacity.People could be unbelievably hateful and evil or compassionate and good. It really got me thinking about under estimation of people , good or bad. In the book, Unbroken people often attributed their very survival on their hope,will to live, and faith. It’s amazing what what little things brought the survivers to the end. The end of World War II, however was far from the end of many soldiers personal wars.

Louis Zamperini went from rebel child to athlete to soldier to prisoner of war to alcoholic with P.T.S.D to preacher in his lifetime.In the end his faith transformed him. Louis Zamperini discovered that the only things that could truly save in the end wasn’t alcohol but divine grace. Damn, I got goose bumps. Damn, he got through this. Damn, if Louis can do that than what can’t we do?

Comment what you think. I would love to read them!


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