How do you move on in a better way? I’m not sure but here’s what I got.

I was playing with this topic for a while now. It’s kind of hard to talk about it but I was cleaning my room, you know getting ready for the new school year and all, and I came across a bunch of failed knit\ crochet projects that were taking up to much space. The solution seemed obvious; throw them straight in the trash.

That’s the dilemma:I couldn’t throw them in the trash but I didn’t want to look at them anymore.

Instead I found a bin to put all my mistakes in and will probably stick it in the back of my closet. Why couldn’t I just get rid out them though? Well, that’s the topic I have been thinking about for a while. This is probably not the best metaphor for it but it’s what I got.

You don’t have to completely forget or separate yourself from your past and\or mistakes. The way I see it when you don’t let your past, mistakes, and heart ache effect you than you are kind of walking in place and wasting all this energy. On the bright side you aren’t letting your past affect you in a negative way but on the down side you aren’t getting any better.

If you let your past affect you in a negative way than you are going backwards.However, if you let it affect you in a positive way than you’re going forward. How do you do that? Hell if I know. I am just barely getting by as it is, but if you find a way comment and let me know.


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