How do I grieve you when you left me on your own terms?;a poem

Okay, so you left me. Left me with only my daydreams of you coming back.All the tears in the world couldn’t stop you and now I don’t know how to grieve you and your empty spaces.

I don’t wish you dead it’s just easier to grieve people when they’re dead. How do I grieve your absence when you’re somewhere in the world. Maybe it’s lack of closure. Does that make death the ultimate closure though? Some would disagree. Some would be wrong. But all are still right.

I guess the first step in forgiving you but how do I forgive you for a crime you’re still committing. How do I forgive you when I will only ever be mended in this life. How do I forgive for only teaching me to hide. This isn’t fair cause I am broken and you are living somewhere. This isn’t fair. You went on living but I went in circles.

I remember the sobs I used to have. The migraine inducing sobs. The ones that would shake my world even though muffled by a pillow. How do I grieve you when you left me on your own terms? When the hands of fates had nothing to do with this?

I’ll forgive you for my bad habits but don’t think that you can have my heart back even if I had it to give to you.



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