The Lighting Thief (book 1 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians) ; a book review

Okay, I just finished the second book and this series but I figured I can’t talk about that one before I talk about this one. This book was my literary crack. I just had to know what happened next and it went so smoothly that I found it hard to imagine Rick Riordan ever coming down with a bad case of writers block.  I feel like I give most books good reviews, but I think I’ve just been getting good books lately. This book definitely deserves praise. I just loved it.

I think what really sets The Lightning Thief apart from other books is the voice that Rick Riordan has developed. It makes the book enjoyable for YA and juvenile readers. Percy is a easy character to like. Heck, he is a easy character to love.

I know this is a book review but we just have to take a brief moment to discuss the state of the movie adaptation situation. The movie was good by itself. If it had not been overshadowed by the tremendous book it was based off of than it probably would have done much better. Even though I am relatively new to the Percy Jackson fan club I totally share their disappointment. Annabeth was wasn’t even blond and no one was twelve! They aged up the characters for reasons that is still a mystery to me.

Okay, so maybe the talk of the movie adaptation was a bit longer than a brief moment but you know you were thinking the same thing. Leave what you think in the comments and I will be glad  read them!




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