Someone in the house by Barbara Michaels; a book review

As I have said before in my previous reviews, when you listen to an audio book the narrator and the book must be good to have a pleasant  experience. The audio book  I listened had an excellent narrator and a great author. The beginning, I admit, was kind of slow but the ending was just so great that I just had to find out if it had a sequel. Fortunately it did and I plan on listening to that one too.

On goodreads I saw that some people didn’t like the end but…well…agree to disagree. The ending was so poetic and I am a sucker for metaphors that I couldn’t help but love it. I also saw a lot of similarities between the main character Anne and I which definitely made the reading (or rather listening) of the book easier to get into. Anne was terrified of something she thought was real to be false and vice versa. It was an interesting fear for a character. I’m sure there are plenty of people who have this fear (myself, for example) but it was interesting how it was spun into a conflict without the character sounding snooty. As an aspiring writer, I don’t know if I could quite pull that off.

I didn’t like Kevin. When you read the book Kevin just seems unimportant in the beginning,  until he is important. Then the dislike grew for him. I won’t go into details so I can keep this review to mild spoilers but he was definitely far my favorites.

Another character I related with was Kevin’s Aunt Bee. She had very strong religious beliefs and over all was a strong woman. She doesn’t seem like it at first. She wears make-up and likes to look nice but she was strong and put her faith in God. I take the relating to her back. I admired her and I want to aspire to be like her, except for her being a fictional character and all.

Overall, I give this book four and a half stars. Comment what you think, I will be glad to read it.





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