A book discussion on The Diary of Anne Frank

I went in knowing what would happen. No one spoiled me it’s just common knowledge; like the ending of Romeo and Juliet. I am absolutely obsessed with World War II, I don’t know why but I am,so I when I picked up the book The Diary of Anne Frank than I expected to be emerged in the feeling of what it was like to be in the World War II era. The thing was that I wasn’t; I was emerged in what it was like to be Anne Frank. What it was like to be a young girl just beginning puberty, stuck in hiding, and feeling completely alone.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a joy to read. There was no triumphant feeling of victory at the end or relief when it was all good and over. That’s not to say it wasn’t enticing and a good read; just a sad one. However depressing,it was enlightening. It shows that life and death happens, and I find that inspiring in some strange way.

Anne’s thoughts were as deep as her conscience was real. She says many times in the book how she felt guilty for being depressed or angry about something in her life when she was so lucky to not be in a concentration camp or worse. I think traits like this is why this book is so profound. Most children in there early teens wouldn’t see it like that, even in that situation. She also knew what was going on with herself most of the time. This self awareness made her an excellent narrator.

I knew that somewhere in the book Anne writes that she still believes that there is good in mankind. When I read this my first impression was that she must be the most hopeful child there is, but than it hit me. While she was hopeful her belief in mankind came from looking. She saw the people who helped them and saw the good in mankind there, but most importantly she saw good in herself  was apart of mankind.

The last few diary entrees were more profound than the others by a landslide. This left me thinking; did Anne somehow know deep down that she was going to die or was she meant to be the greatest philosopher of all time? She always wrote about what she would do after the war so maybe she didn’t have a clue or maybe this was her only way to cope.

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