Vampire Academy; Frostbite book review

Oh My! The first book was good but the end of this book had me in tears. Rose is struggling to keep control when so many things in her life are out of her control, but I have to ask the qeustion; does she really truly want to keep control? Everybody keeps telling her she needs more self control but I get the feeling she doesn’t really want to keep that control. Then again Rose’s life have been in someone else’s hands most of her life so maybe she is now desperately grasping for it. I geuss I won’t have a more solid theory until I have read the rest of the books.

Also major friendship goals in this book. Lissa’s and Rose’s relationship is envy worthy. Though there is one sided I have a feeling that will change soon. They have had some difficulties but after the ending of this book I think some of them will be resolved. However if my memory serves me well when I read a book new problem surface when other resided.

Rose maybe kick ass but she is also so delightfully human. I  won’t spoil the ending for you but if you agree that the wrapping up of this book proved this than please comment.


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