Vampire Academy; The Vampire Academy series and Marked;The House of Night series comparison

I’ll admit I had had prejudice against vampire books. They have a bad rap, but not all of them are terrible, clique, and corny. Some of them are actually quite good! The first book of the House of Night series, Marked, was very entertaining. It wasn’t anything profound but good enough to keep wanting to read. The later books in this series were disapointing but we are talking about the first. Vampire Academy conveyed a similar message but did a better job of it. Therefore, it was just a tad bit more profound.

The reason I decided to compare these to books was that I saw similarities in the main characters Zoey and Rose. The main characters both have forbidden love and unrecognized strength,in the first book that is. There are quite a lot and significant differences in these two books but I just couldn’t help thinking ,” That is something Zoey Readbird would do!” However Zoey Redbird had a little bit more of self control than Rose Hathaway.

Even though I liked both books I think Vampire Academy was written better and told its story more efficiently and left me wanting the next book more than Marked did.

Comment your opinion on what book was better!




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